No matter what type of rider you are if you have a right motocycle jacket you will ride smoothly. A perfect motorbike jacket can save you from the hurdles you get on your way. When we talk about motorcycle jackets a black theme comes to mind. But nowadays, Motorcycle clothing is introducing many attractive and tough colors. When you go to buy leather jackets 1000s of options will be in front of you. But you have to choose very carefully which jacket is of your type. Which is actually suitable for your riding style. Here are basic tips to buy a quality leather motorbike jacket.

Focus Color:

Mostly Black and Brown is an ideal color for a leather jacket. But for a rider, it must b eye-catching color. It will helpful for identification of traffic and also at night time. So always choose a sharp color if you are a long road rider.

Be assured about the Fitting:

People thought it's an easy task to choose a best fitting but it's not. Motorbike jacket is much different from other clothing. You cannot just choose by Medium, small, & large size. Wear a jackets you want to buy and imagine it at your riding position. If its fit and not pull off its good also monitor the sleeves of the jacket it should be long enough to protect your full arms. Remember if a jacket is not fit it will not make you comfortable with your bike riding. It's also not a good option to choose loose jackets so protecting pads will not fit at their positions like elbows and shoulders.

Fully Protected:

Protection is the basic thing makes a motorbike leather jacket different from other common jackets. The Motorbike Apparel and gear are all about protection. Be assure a jacket you going to buy must have enough protection. Maybe it makes t too bulky but it's too important, without protections you cannot ride safely. If you don't want a lot of protection at least buy a jacket with elbow, shoulders and back protectors. These are the basic parts that can be effective in an accident. And again protection will only valuable if your jacket is well fitted.

Quality is all about the material:

Yes, the article is about leather motorcycle jackets but leather has different types. You have to choose carefully which leather is suitable for you. Sheep leather is soft, Goat leather will protect you from rain or avoid to get wet, and Crocodile leather will be very tough, strong and look like a rough street color. Now it's your choice and you’re riding style which jacket you want.

Also, a motorbike jacket has internal cotton linings. If you plan to go for a long ride and it's the peak summer days you should choose a mesh lining jacket. Some jackets come with removable lining. Also, some fabrics get loose like leather. So, don't choose a very big size it will lose soon.

Although leather also has four types Top grains leather, full grain, split or suede leather. We will also differentiate these in our next posts.

Pockets love:

The most loving thing a rider need is a lot of pockets choose a jacket with multiple pockets. It will be helpful to carry your important gadgets and documents. So try to get the jacket with a lot of pockets & pockets.

Hope this is a complete guide to buy a good leather motorbike jackets. We have a list of common topics a rider needs to know about his/her wearing. Maximo Moto offering 4 types of leather jackets, Urban, Off-road, Motorbike and touring jacket for both man and women riders. We will differentiate each jacket soon just keep in touch with our blog.